How to Get Your Ex Back? The Do’s and Don’ts

how to get your ex back

If you are thinking that learning how to get your ex back is difficult? Then stop thinking that way. Because in this article you will learn all the things that you need to know to how to get your ex back. Many people have been looking for the answers to the question ‘how to get your ex back?’ but  most of the data available on internet is unreliable and based on unpractical things. Moreover, if you want to know how to get your ex back, you not only have to think about all the things that you can do to get your ex back but also you should understand what are those things that can create more spaces between you and your ex.

Among dozens of tips to bring back your ex only few that are most practical and guarantee 100% success are included in this article. Let us learn about how to get your ex back through the “Don’ts”:

So you wanna get your ex back….

But Should You Get Your Ex Back?

Really, Should You? - Some of the relationships are better broken up. Should you put your energy and time into getting your ex back. Is your ex worth your pain and agony? Answer the following questions to find out Your Ex Goodness Factor (EGF) and then decide... Seriously... This is important and its your life!

Answer These 5 Questions and then Decide...

How to Get Your Ex Back? The Don’ts:

1.        HOW TO GET YOUR EX BACK? DO NOT CHASE YOUR EX: Yes, you need to maintain your grace and the charm in your personality. Begging your ex and apologizing him/her for multiple times will harm your dignity and make you less tempting to your ex. What do you think about the one who keeps on pleading to you once you have refused him/her? This is not the way to get your ex back. This is the dumbest and the most immature way and you need consult someone to learn how to get your ex back.

2.       DO NOT GET DEPRESSED: Of course it is a difficult think to do but this is not something that will make you appealing to your ex. If you want to get your ex back then you have to act normal, keep a smile on your face and enrich your words with confidence.  Moreover, getting depressed will hurt your other areas of life. Definitely, you would not like to get fired of your job because you lost your ex.

3.       DO NOT CONTACT YOUR EX FREQUENTLY: This may not appear a suitable options to some heart broken people but this is something that really helps in getting back your ex. Not contacting your ex and acting as if you do not care makes your ex think that it is not you who lost something in this breakup rather she will start thinking that she lost you and would try to get you back, her precious.

4.       DO NOT ENGAGE IN A NEW RELATIONSHIP TOO FAST: Many people try to get involved in a new relationship with a hot boyfriend or a girlfriend right after the breakup. This is done mainly in an attempt to make their ex jealous and make him/her think that he or she lost you. But if you really have some deep feelings for your ex then this is a foolish thing to do. This will only bring you more far from your ex and then regain his or trust would become much more difficult. Always remember that getting into bed with someone in not the way how to get your ex back.

get your ex back

Avoiding these things would not only give you strength to tackle with the harsh feelings of a breakup but will also give you a strong position to get your ex back. There are few tips that are highly rated in the niche of ‘how to get your ex back’ acting upon them will make getting you get back a lot easier.

How to Get Your Ex Back? The Do’s:

1.       BE MORE GROOMED AND ATTRACTIVE: Make your ex notice what he/she has lost. You need to generate some more value for yourself. Be more graceful and confident and try to dress more delightfully. Going through a total make over may also strengthen your point of how to get your ex back.

2.        KEEP IN TOUCH: Getting disappeared from your ex’s world will make him/her think that you are no more interested in him/her. So, you need not to meet her specifically but it is recommended to show your appearance at place where your ex is more likely to visit. And even if he or she comes to you face to face then act confidently, be friendly and smile to your ex. This shall make your ex feel that how good you were and how good you can be in future.

3.       DISTRACT YOURSELF: If you decide to ‘celebrate’ this breakup by locking yourself in your room and listening to sad songs then never ever think about being in a good relationship in near future. The best way to keep you from making desperate moves is by distracting yourself. Learning how to get your ex back starts from learning how to deal with your emotions. You always have the option to meet your friends, go out on parties, and find some little chores for you at home in the evening or even you can try the new video game.

4.       TAKE THINGS SLOW: Haste makes waste in every situation and learning how to get your ex back in not an exception. Patience is the first rule while trying to get back your ex. Do not get carried away by your turbulent emotions after a breakup. Take rational decisions and act slow because this is the period when you are disturbed mentally and are desperate to find your love back. Keep in mind that the only way to get your ex back is by giving you and your ex some time for starting afresh.

Learning how to get your ex back revolves around understanding the things that are really going to help you in winning your ex back and the things that will be detrimental for your relationship. Quick, desperate moves, based on emotions are not something that are going to help you in getting your ex back. You need to be open, confident and optimistic if you want your ex to contact you first and this is the only way how to get your ex back.

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