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Sadly Rocky and Camilla have disappeared. They may have run away. Garry is licking his lips suspiciously but I think that is just to cheer me up.

Thinking of names, we’ll need at least one.










Or another name?

Please leave a comment.

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62 Responses to Chicken Names

  1. steph says:

    Leia would be a nice name for a pullet.

  2. shamrock says:

    It’s an ironic name!!!

  3. agtmacgyver says:

    Captain Cluckypants

  4. Jon Green says:


  5. marow says:

    My cat Dot wants a chicken named after her, but I like think Soup would be nice.

  6. mag says:

    If you already have a “Bob,” why not add a “Carol,” a “Ted,” and an “Alice?”

  7. tanglehead22 says:

    lady gaga. or silly mr. chicken face. or something really creative. like himynameisjoeandiliveinabuttonfactory.

  8. Sorcha says:

    Strangely enough, I was faced with 3 spontaneous and nameless chickens back in May. I found that naming them Szechuan, Rotisserie, and Dumpling, provided cute enough names while never allowing their impending mortality to escape your mind. you know, so you don’t get too attached. ?? Parmesean might be a good choice. ??

  9. Gayle says:

    John Jr. The chicken son you never had? ?? Johnna for a girl.

  10. laffytaffy says:

    If it is a rooster, I would suggest Rutherford. For a female chicken, I would suggest Spatzie. It just sounds like something that John would name a chicken…I can hear it now….”come, Spatzie…) ??

  11. Rob.

    If not that-then

    Definitely ANAR.

  12. Stormlaughter says:

    Michael Ellis

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